Handicrafts are one of the most popular souvenirs to buy from your travels. Handmade items can be given as gifts to family and friends, or used as decoration in your home – and they’re unique, so you can’t buy them anywhere else! What makes handicrafts special? What products should you buy when traveling abroad? Here are ten handicraft products that you might want to consider when you’re visiting different countries around the world.

1) Bracelets

The bracelet has been worn for over 6,000 years. The earliest style of bracelets are often made with natural materials that create a sense of tribal culture. From single beads to thick ropes of wrapped leather, there are plenty of shapes and sizes available on Etsy. Some even feature designs made with petrified wood or stones! If you’re looking for a new accessory, we have some great bracelets that are sure to catch eyes.

2) Pottery

In ancient times, pottery was primarily made of earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. But today there are many more types of pottery including plastic, aluminum and terra cotta. Modern pottery also has a huge array of design choices. Most pottery requires careful firing at high temperatures in a kiln to make it durable. Potters can create modern or traditional pieces with classic or colorful decorations that can be used to hold food and other things. In addition to practical uses, pottery is commonly found as part of art displays such as museum exhibits or gallery shows. Once you know how easy it is to produce pots, plates and vases, you’ll have fun creating your own decorative ceramic items for your home or business!

3) Quilts

A quilt is a type of bedding usually made of cloth that covers a person’s body and over which additional sheets or blankets are added for warmth. Quilts have been used for hundreds of years. The traditional American patchwork quilt is one example, dating back to colonial times when women would use scraps of fabric to create new clothing or quilts, and keep them warm during cold winter nights. Today, artists continue to make beautiful hand-stitched patchwork quilts as part of their art practice.

4) Candles

Not only are candles lovely to look at, but they’re also practical and can add character to your home. There are thousands of different types of candles available. Whether you’re looking for a fresh scent or something in a particular color, there’s a candle out there that you’ll love. Candles come in all shapes and sizes too, so you can match them to your decor or gift them as unique presents. For example, certain colors like lavender and orange are known for helping you unwind after a stressful day; others like cinnamon can be great for helping colds go away faster. If you just want some sort of general fragrance or mood enhancement when you light it up at night, then scents like sandalwood will do wonders!

5) Baskets

Baskets are a classic example of handicrafts that are both functional and beautiful. Baskets have been around for centuries and have a variety of uses. A basket can be used to collect items on a shopping trip, as storage for seasonal items like holiday decorations, or even to transport items. When used correctly baskets can also make great decor pieces in your home.

6) Fabric Painting

Mexico’s brightly colored embroidered fabrics, called telarayas are part of a tradition that goes back to early colonial times. Local women would paint flowers and geometric patterns onto handwoven cloths for their husbands, who were setting out for years at sea in search of gold. The colorful embroidered fabrics came to be known as telarayas, which means something to keep us busy during your absence. Today these painstakingly decorated textiles are a thriving cottage industry in Mexico. Well-known examples include Otomi textiles from San Luis Potosí state and Huichol yarn paintings from Nayarit state.

7) Wood Carvings

By definition, handicraft products hand-made by individuals or small groups. This often means handmade wood carvings. While you probably don’t see much wooden craftsmanship here in North America, plenty of countries around the world still practice their ancient art of carving wood into useful and beautiful pieces. Wood carvings come in a wide variety of forms and while they usually carry with them a hefty price tag, people who appreciate these handicraft products typically end up with an excellent piece that will last for generations.

8) Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are boxes used to store jewelry. They may be made of wood, ceramic, glass, plastic, or other materials. Some have trays for holding rings and watches, compartments for necklaces and bracelets and even a small section for loose change. The top is usually hinged to fold open like a book. Another type is a compact box with mirror which opens to reveal 2–3 layers of storage space lined with felt or velvet where jewelry can be placed inside up to protect it against scratches.

9) Soaps and Lotions

A soaps and lotions business is great for those interested in home-based businesses because you don’t need a storefront to sell your products. Many people are willing to buy handmade lotions, soaps, and other personal care items online and at craft fairs. You can make candles as well. The best way to start a business selling soaps is to begin by making samples, giving them away as gifts or selling them at craft fairs. A lot of soaps can be made with liquid soap or Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap Base . Another option is candle-making; here’s an instructional video on how to make candles in mason jars .

10) Vases

Vases are one of our favorite handicraft products. From handmade ceramic vases to carved wood vases, no home is complete without a beautiful floral arrangement. A great decorative item as well as a practical tool, vases are an easy way to add color and life to any room in your home. Check out our collection for inspiration!